Special Response Team

The Special Response Team (SRT) supports the Duplin County Sheriff’s Office and other neighboring law enforcement agencies with tactical response to high-risk calls and critical operations which are beyond the capabilities of traditional law enforcement.   These operations include incidents such as barricaded gunmen, hostage rescue, riots, high-risk search warrants and arrests, sniper and active shooter situations, as well as other unusual and dangerous situations.  They also conduct dignitary protection details when required.

The SRT is comprised of 14 officers selected from within the agency, two emergency medical services personnel, and is led by an operations commander for a total of 17 members.    In order to be a SRT member, an officer must first pass several physical and mental endurance tests.  All members are required to attend basic special weapons and tactical school and must go through many hours of intensive specialty training thereafter.

All SRT members are volunteers who are assigned to other duties within the sheriff’s office.  They are called into service with little notice, on any day and at any hour.

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ATV single photo
Crouched left by 4 wheeler.
Crouched ledt by ATV.
ATV SRT team photo.
Tactical with shield photo.
Sharp shooter closeup photo.
Sharp shooter photo.
Entrance tactics photo.