Special Operations Division

The Duplin County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Unit is comprised of detectives with specialized training in the investigation of illegal drug activity from the street level dealer to the large-scale drug trafficking operations. The unit’s area of responsibility also includes illegal firearms sales, gambling, prostitution, illegal alcohol establishments, money laundering, and criminal street gang activity.

The Narcotics Unit works closely with local, state and federal agencies and has detectives assigned to several federal task forces. These task forces investigate similar criminal activity at the federal level.

The most common types of illegal drugs seized in Duplin County include marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, and falsely obtained or diverted prescription drugs.

Most narcotics investigations take extensive man-hours to complete; therefore, it may take weeks or even months to obtain enough evidence to arrest and successfully prosecute drug dealers and traffickers.

Detectives with the Narcotics Unit investigate hundreds of cases annually that lead to the seizure of cash, vehicles, and other assets and keeps dangerous drugs off the streets.  Most of the information and tips received by our narcotics detectives comes from concerned citizens.