D.A.R.E. Program

The Duplin County Sheriff’s Office participates in the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D. A. R. E) program in partnership with Duplin County Public Schools. The 10 week curriculum is taught by School Resource Officer Randy Forster. The program is offered to 5th grade students to provide them with the skills necessary to recognize and resist pressures to experiment with drugs and to avoid gangs and violence. Lessons emphasize self-esteem, decision making, interpersonal communication skills, the consequences of drug abuse, conflict resolution and positive alternatives to substance abuse.

About the Program
Facing unparalleled drug abuse among our youth in the 1970’s and early 1980’s, visionary Los Angeles Police Chief Daryl Gates and the Los Angeles Unified School District in 1983 launched an unprecedented and innovative substance abuse prevention education program – Drug Abuse Resistance Education.

With each passing year, D. A. R. E. ’s success was seen in classrooms and homes leading to rapid growth and expansion. As each decade passed and success increased, the challenges facing children and families also grew. Today, through the leadership of D. A. R. E. ’s dedicated Board of Directors, and the tireless commitment and hard work of tens of thousands of officers and educators throughout America and around the globe, D. A. R. E strives each day to achieve its vital mission… to fulfill a vision.

The D. A. R. E. program is taught in all 50 states, and 49 other countries. For additional information, please visit the national D. A. R. E. website at

 The D. A. R. E. Mission Statement
“Teaching students good decision-making skills to help them lead safe and healthy lives. ”

 The D. A. R. E. Vision Statement
“A world in which students everywhere are empowered to respect others and choose to lead lives free from violence, substance abuse, and other dangerous behaviors. ”

The 2015 Chinquapin Elementary D. A. R. E. Graduates