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Concealed Carry Handgun Permit

In order for a citizen in North Carolina to legally carry a concealed handgun outside of their personal property, they must apply for and obtain a North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun Permit (CCH) from the sheriff’s office in the county of residence. After a firearms safety course is successfully completed, the next step is to …

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Gun Permits

North Carolina law requires a permit to be issued by the sheriff of the county where an individual resides in order to purchase a handgun from a commercial gun dealer or a private individual. This requirement applies whether there is a transaction of money, a gift, or by inheritance. Handgun permits are issued for the …

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Fingerprinting Services

The Duplin County Sheriff’s Office provides non-criminal fingerprinting services to the public using Morpho Live Scan technology. This “inkless” procedure is an electronic, high-quality process in which fingerprints are rolled across a glass plate and scanned. Once the digital fingerprints are obtained, they are transmitted to the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation. The SBI …

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Are You OK?

The “Are You Okay?” program is a computerized telephone calling system that provides daily contact with senior adults, disabled persons, and shut-ins that live alone. The system calls each enrolled subscriber everyday of the year at the same time each day at a pre-arranged time.  When the subscriber answers the phone, the “Are You OK?” …

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