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K-9The Duplin County Sheriff’s Office has four canine (K-9) teams that play an integral part in response to a variety of law enforcement situations.    These teams are comprised of a handler assigned to a specific K-9 partner.    Both the handler and the K-9 partner undergo extensive training prior to any operation and continually train to maintain the highest level of proficiency and skills.  Once a K-9 is assigned to a handler, he or she stays at the handler’s home to be cared for during off-duty hours.
The duties of the K-9 teams include detection of narcotics, evidence retrieval, high risk building searches, missing persons search and rescue, and other situations in which the keen eyesight and superior sense of smell of the K-9 is necessary. The K-9 teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week to assist in these critical operations.
The Duplin County Sheriff’s Office K-9 teams consist of two Bloodhounds and two Belgian Malinois and are members of the International Police Work Dog Association (IPWDA).


Lt. Chris Smith and partner Asta (Belgain Malinois)
Mitch Henderson and partner Mindy (Belgain Malinois)
Steve Snyder and partner Dixie (Bloodhound)
Thomas Williams and partner Duchess (Bloodhound)

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