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Neighborhood Watch

Community Watch is a crime prevention program that seeks the active participation of local citizens in partnership with law enforcement to help eliminate crime in their communities.  Our officers cannot be in every neighborhood twenty-four hours a day; therefore, citizen involvement is important to combat crime in Duplin County.  After all, you and your neighbors are the ones who really know what’s going on in your community.  Community Watch programs encourage residents to join together and be aware of activities around them in their daily lives.  By you and your neighbors working together with law enforcement,  crime can be prevented. Your involvement is key in deterring crime in our county.


How to Start a Community Watch Program:

  1. Contact Lieutenant Scott Kennedy with the Duplin County Sheriff’s Office at 910-296-2150 or by email.  He will assist with information, materials and advice about starting a watch in your neighborhood.  He will consult with you about a scheduling date to have an officer from the sheriff’s office speak with you and your neighbors.

  2.  Contact every resident in your community and invite them to the meeting.  Do this by making door-to-door visits, phone calls, and distributing flyers.

  3.  Attend the meeting and implement the program with the assistance of your neighbors and the Duplin County Sheriff’s Office.