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Scam Alert





July 18, 2018


The Duplin County Sheriff’s Office has recently become aware of a scam that is being perpetrated against some of our citizens. In this scam, an individual is calling and advising he is a member of the Sheriff’s Office and has warrants for their arrest. Usually these warrants are because the citizen has allegedly failed to appear for Federal Jury Duty. As a result of this alleged Failure to Appear, the citizen is told that they have warrants or citations for Avoidance of Civil Duty, Contempt of Court, and Failure to Appear. The caller will advise that the victim will need to post a cash bond to avoid arrest. Usually, the caller begins by asking the victim to meet them at the Sheriff’s Office or at the Courthouse. When the caller agrees and is on the way to meet this individual, he will call back and advise that he has been called out of the office and then will ask the victim to go to a local store and purchase gift cards or iTunes cards and provide the numbers to these cards as payment for their outstanding bonds.

Please know that this is a scam and that no one from the Duplin County Sheriff’s Office will call you by telephone regarding Federal Jury Duty. Duplin County Sheriff’s Office will not call you and request payment for a bond. If you receive a call and you are unsure if you are speaking to an actual Deputy Sheriff, please advise that caller that you are going to hang up and call the Sheriff’s Office to verify the caller’s identity. After normal business hours call 911 to verify the identity of your caller.